The very popular vegetarian cafe at 42 Queen Square serves delicious snacks, meals and cold & hot drinks throughout the day and into the evening.  There is a large selection of home made Italian and world-wide fusion dishes.  Hosts Dani and Luciano ensure that all fresh ingredients are used, no processed or GM foods.  Prices range from £2.15 for home-made soup to £4.30 for a main dish.  Hot drinks start at 60p.

The cafe also provides an outside catering service for lunches or special events.  For more information call 020 7269 6085 or email

Opening Times:

The cafe is open when the Centre is open, at the following times:

Mon – Thurs: 9.30am to 8.45pm

Fri: 9.30am-8.00pm

Sat: 9.30am-4pm

Sun: Closed